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Journey to Atlantis

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

A five-part nautical adventure into the unknown

This collaborative project between pianist/composer Ben Gailer and producer/composer Ewan Collins was submitted as part of my BMus (Hons) portfolio in 2020. It was recorded at home in June/July 2020 during New Zealand's Level 4 lockdown in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. It features five original compositions for solo piano, Fender Rhodes, keyboards and electronic music production.

You can listen to Journey to Atlantis and view copies of the scores here


Piano, Fender Rhodes, Keyboards & Compositions: Ben Gailer

Production & Compositions: Ewan Collins

Guitar (Mermaid Pools): Jake Nicholas

Vocal Group (Mermaid Pools): Rachel Clarke, Gretel Donnelly, Caoimhe Lane,

Helen Pahulu, Jessica Rogers, Eda Tang

Programme Notes:

Part I: Open Waters / The Storm

A ship sets sail on the open seas in search of the promised land. But when a raging storm hits, the ship and its crew are magically transported to a bizarre and twisted land.

Part II: We’ll Let The Stars Guide Us

Realizing that their navigation equipment is useless in these foreign waters, the ship’s valiant crew turn to the long-forgotten ancestral practice of astral navigation to guide them onward.

Part III: Mermaid Pools

Mysterious creatures swirl in the crystal blue waters below, their enchanting song enticing travelers to the sinister depths below.

Part IV: The Descent

The travelers plunge into the icy water. Consumed by darkness, the crew are guided only by the distant song of the merfolk and the dancing bio-luminescent lights of alien creatures.

Part V: City of Coral

The travellers arrive at a sight to behold - the ancestral home of the merfolk! Entranced by the natural beauty of this alien, yet peaceful sanctuary, the travellers weave their way through towering spires of rock and coral.

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