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Monolith Album Cover Final.png

Ben Gailer and the Auckland Jazz Orchestra are proud to present Monolith, a menagerie of jazz orchestra works composed and arranged by Gailer.

Ben's compositions are layered and symphonic, with dense harmonies and contrapuntal textures complimenting sweeping melodies and soaring solos.  His voice as a jazz pianist is also intrinsic to the character of his music.

Monolith is available now for your listening pleasure.

Track List



Softly, as in a Morning Sunrise


The Jester



Little Waltz



Ben Gailer - Composer/Arranger

Mike Booth - Producer, Band Leader

Ewan Collins - Producer

Mike Young - Musical Director

John Kim - Recording Engineer

Anthony Hunt - Studio Assistant

Ewan Collins - Editing, Mixing, Mastering

Rachel Clarke - Vocals

Lukas Fritsch - Additional Flute

Maya Reed - Cover artwork

Andrew Hall - Alto/Soprano Sax

Joel Griffin - Alto Sax

Felix Hayes-Tourelle - Tenor Sax

Ben McNicoll - Tenor Sax

Andrew Baker - Baritone Sax

Mike Booth - Trumpet/Flugelhorn

Matthew Verrill - Trumpet/Flugelhorn

Russell Brooke - Trumpet/Flugelhorn

Chris Nielson - Trumpet/Flugelhorn

Jonathan Tan - Trombone

Glenn Bartlett - Trombone

Ben Harrington - Trombone

Steve Taylor - Bass Trombone

Ben Gailer - Piano

Mark Bulos - Guitar

Wil Goodinson - Upright/Electric Bass

Ben Frater - Drums

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